Gorilla Safaris in Africa – The Best Way To Go on Mountain Gorillas Tracking in Rwanda & Uganda

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Did you know that the closest primates next to your brother, sister, father, and mother happens to be living up in the mountains? They are the Mountain Gorillas who share 98% of humans DNA. Unfortunately, they are critically endangered, their population is less than 1,000. Thankfully, as we cut trees, burn the forest, hunt wildlife, and mine every corner of …

Ultimate List of Best Luxury Hotels in Kibuye Home Saint Jean

List of the Best Hotels in Rwanda – From Budget to Luxury: Updated for 2019

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Note: This article is updated in March 2019! Before you go, check out our Ultimate List of Best Budget and Luxury Hotels in Rwanda for recommendations that include rates, locations, and great reviews. This article will help you with your stay! Browse through our best hotel finds in these top cities that cover: Kigali | Gisenyi | Ruhengeri | Rwamagana | …

A Truly Remarkable Stay At Hotel Villa Portofino In Kigali, Rwanda

A Truly Remarkable Stay At Hotel Villa Portofino In Kigali, Rwanda

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100 DAYS, ALMOST ONE MILLION LIVES LOST. That’s probably the saddest 7-word story in the world, and that is the history of Rwanda. A state sponsored genocide happened not very long ago, a mere 23 years. A lot of people were left dead, helpless, homeless and orphaned. Since then, the government called upon the church to lead the country in …