List of the Best Luxury Hotels in Madagascar

List of the Best Luxury Hotels in Madagascar : Updated for 2019

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Note: This article is updated in March 2019! Before you go, check out our Ultimate List of Best Luxury Hotels in Madagascar for recommendations that include rates, locations, and great reviews. This article will help you with your stay! Browse through our best hotel finds in these top cities that cover: Antananarivo, Madagascar | Toamasina, Madagascar | Mahajanga, Madagascar | Fianarantsoa …

An Intimate Laook at Madagascar With Hotel Carlton Madagascar

Carlton Madagascar – The Luxury Hotel to Stay in Antananarivo

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Located in the heart of Antananarivo, Carlton Madagascar offers a luxurious and convenient way to experience the historical city center of beautiful Madagascar. I loved it here. Everything just seems nice and pleasant, not just the hotel but the country in general. For starters, when I arrived, I only had to pay $27 for my visa-on-arrival. There are no other …