7 Tips for Traveling in Latin America – Central and South America @lodgeoapp

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Latin America is an incredible place, like a collection of different worlds all stitched together into a tapestry of cultures, traditions, history and natural and man-made catastrophes, all of which have shaped the continent into what it is today. There is something very different about traveling in Latin America compared to somewhere like Southeast Asia, in that even the well-trodden …

Tomorrowland Brazil 2015

TOP 8 Music Festivals in Latin America (South & Central) for 2015

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Better yet quit altogether), your flights are booked, your bags are packed and a whole world of mountains, beaches, Castillano (a kind of Spanish to you and me) amazing food, fine wines and incredible people awaits you. But what about the music? Any backpacker knows that you can’t go backpacking without music! Well, luckily for you don’t have to miss …