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Random Thoughts Of A Couple Who Travels

By Kach Umandap May 13th, 2022 Posted in Inspiration and Love Stories, Travel Blog, Travel Guides 10 Comments

We all know of some couples who are always on the other side of the world doing something seemingly ridiculous – like becoming yoga teachers; or learning to build houses out of the mud – instead of working at a career, saving to buy a house, and all the other things they ‘should’ be doing.

Random Thoughts Of A Couple Who Travels
Photo by Can Pu CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

It’s easy to question what they’re doing.  What about their careers?  When will they start planning for their future?  If they don’t get on the property ladder now, they’ll still be paying off a mortgage when they retire!!!

But while you’re lounging on your sofa, watching at your widescreen T.V, don’t be critical – Be inspired.

Be inspired by the couple who decides to forego the ‘security’ of their job or career to travel the world and learn new skills.

Random Thoughts Of A Couple Who Travel
Photo by Umbrella Shot CC BY 2.0

It takes some courage and fortitude to decide to leave everything behind and stick to it; particularly if you’re from a family culture where your goals, ambitions, career path, and even life partner may be decided for you.

Be inspired by the couple who can sell all of their possessions at the drop of a hat so they can buy a one-way ticket to Bangkok.

Why I quit my job to Travel the world

We all get attached to the things we spent months or years saving for and probably more money maintaining; cars; furniture; gadgets; mountain bikes; clothes; houses even!  But what are we attached to, the things themselves; or the thought of the time and money we invested in them?  The ability to see past that which has already gone and to understand the true feeling of freedom that comes with owning nothing but a small bag of clothes and your passport comes naturally to some.  For many though, it’s a difficult and life-changing decision to step out of the comfort zone and routine that we’ve spent our whole lives being conditioned for.

Be inspired by the couple who can spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week together…And survive!

Random Thoughts Of A Couple Who Travel
Photo by Steve Parker CC BY 2.0

OK, so there is some alone time…There has to be!  But there are many times when all the company you have is each other, sometimes for days at a time.  This could be a 36-hour train journey or a week-long motorbike trip around North Vietnam.  Whatever and wherever you soon find out how you both cope with pressure; lack of sleep; hunger; illness; language barrier. All of the usual traveling challenges are potentially explosive when you have someone to take out your frustrations on!  Traveling together is a challenge in itself, and if your relationship can survive life on the road, it can survive anything.

Random Thoughts Of A Couple Who Travels
Photo by Cody Black on Unsplash


In the end, a couple who travels knows that they will naturally come to a point in their lives where they know what they want.  The combination of their shared knowledge and experiences will help them achieve it.  More importantly, what long-term travel does is remove the fear of the unknown and replace it with a deep curiosity and drive which will lead you to places you never imagined exploring yourselves.

Random Thoughts Of A Couple Who Travels
Photo by Jason Thomas on Unsplash

The point of this article is neither to declare one way of life as a right, nor the other as wrong.  It’s impressive how people can focus on their career, pay all of their bills, maintain a social life, follow their interests and still, somehow, fit another person with those same requirements into it all. It’s a work of logistical genius!

Random Thoughts Of A Couple Who Travels
Photo by Kim Seng CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

All I can say is this: Make your choices and make them for your reasons.  Allow other people to make theirs, even if you know you made the same wrong decision in the past.  After all, wherever you are today is the result of all your life’s decisions; both right and wrong.

That’s it! Just random thoughts of a couple who travels, one sunny morning in Peru. What else would you like to add? We will update this post with your thoughts (will credit or link back to your site)

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10 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Of A Couple Who Travels

  1. Hi Awesome Couple!
    Very inspiring piece you got here! 🙂 Totally jealous ….. All the best to you. And I’m glad things are working out for you. I love traveling too – but with limitations. Working in Dubai at the moment and taking advantage of the opportunity to travel! Hats off to you as you took the courage to quit being a corporate slave and in awe of your determination to start over. Amazing, I shall say..

  2. This is one of my favourite posts of you guys! Not everyone understand how brave someone has to be to leave all behind and start traveling… so often we have to deal with the judgment of strangers, friends and family that can’t understand our decision, our way of living… they all should read this!

    1. Thank you Rihla! Actually, we just wrote that just to express ourselves but I think most of our family members now understand our lifestyle, not just like before when they thought we were just running away from something! Thank you again for reading! =)

  3. The important thing, I believe, is to be happy and fulfilled on your own terms, not on other people’s. 🙂

  4. We did the whole, university, get married, buy a house, buy stuff for the house, plan for the future, blah blah blah. We are way happier in our lives, and closer as a couple, now that we are one of those digital nomad on the road type couples. Off for morning yoga….

    1. yay!! We’re yoga teachers! Where are you based now? We are still starting to become digital nomads! We’ve been working while travelling! Hope to get more tips from you!x

  5. Hands up to both of you! It takes a lot of courage to give up everything and just rely to each other to survive. Both of you are a great inspiration to many.

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