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When you are traveling with friends and family, you are usually doing it for one simple reason.  You want to create life –  long memories with them. So it’s not surprising that you can see everyone snapping photos,  trying to immortalize the fun moments they are enjoying.

Givme App - Private Group Photo Sharing AlbumHowever, in most cases, these photos are not shared. There are different reasons why these pictures always get stuck on other people’s phones or  on their Instagram feed but there’s no good excuse as these photos are meant to be shared and saved by the entire travel group.

Unless you are fine with making albums manually, or taking screenshots from Instagram and Snapchat, this shouldn’t be much of a problem but most people do not have the luxury of time, or patience to create albums and upload and download photos individually for every event.  Good news though because there’s actually a great solution for your photo – sharing problem.

Introducing givme. 

givme is a new private group photo sharing app that aims to make sharing as easy as possible by automating most of the processes.
Let me give you an example. On a recent trip to the Bahamas I was able to instantly share every photo that I took. Not only that, I got to browse ALL photos that the whole group took. And the best part about it is that it happened in a matter of seconds! Literally seconds.

So how does givme work?

1. Albums are automatically created 

givme has the capability to create an empty album where you can instantly share photos with your friends privately. givme checks which of your givme friends are around when you are taking photos and vice versa. Once detected, the app will create a shared album adding your friends in it. Each of you will be notified and all you need to do is swipe and share.

Givme App - Private Group Photo Sharing Album2. Photos are organized and grouped for you

Another thing that is good about givme is that it pre – selects the photos depending on the date and time you took them. This way, you don’t have to manually select photos from your camera roll or gallery, which (again) is time consuming.

Givme App - Private Group Photo Sharing Album
I’m going to share with you an actual experience about my friend who recently attended a concert and completely forgot to take photos. I’m pretty sure the performance that night was too magical and she was just dumbfounded. 🙂 She was relieved when she received a notification from givme saying that her friends already shared the photos with her in a private album.

3. Notifies friends to share their own photos 

givme is the solution for friends who always have the best excuses about why they have not shared their photos.

GivMe Photo Sharing App 2givme will show you which of your friends have not shared their pictures. You can send them a reminder through the app, requesting their photos.

4. It finds your real friends easily 

givme creates automatic connection with anybody in your local address book. This is convenient as it saves a huge chunk of time from having to create a whole new network. Inviting them is a breeze: you can just add them to the givme album that you wish to share and they will receive an invite with the smart link.

5. It’s private (aka it’s not social media)

Givme App - Private Group Photo Sharing Album

Most pictures are meant to be shared PRIVATELY.  You wouldn’t want the whole world to see your embarrassing photos, would you?

This is something you don’t have to worry about if you are using givme. The app is designed for friends and families to share photos just among themselves. Only those who are invited can access the album. To be clear, givme is not a social networking app. It was made for private group photo sharing.

Givme App - Private Group Photo Sharing Albumgivme helps me in a lot of ways. As a traveler, I don’t have to worry about taking my own pictures all the time because my friends and travel buddies can always share theirs with me. This app is what I need just in case I get caught up with the majestic view and forgot to take photos. I just need to select the best one from our givme album, they get saved to my camera role in high – res. I ask my friends’ permission to post in our social media accounts, and that’s it. It actually works both ways because I can share with them my best shots.

This amazing private photo sharing app is live in the App Store, and is in beta in the Android Play Store. If you want to show the team some love, you can just shake the app and send them your feedback. Here’s another thing. You can be sure your comments and issues will be addressed properly because your messages will go directly to givme‘s development team and to their CEO.

It has been a great experience sharing photos while traveling with givme. And looking at it, it’s not just actually for traveling. More so, it’s for sharing every day memories that are equally worth remembering.

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This article is in collaboration with givme mobile app. You can also watch their video below!

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