Periscope – A Beginners’ Guide for Travel Bloggers

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Periscope? Oh boy, what’s that? If you’re a travel blogger who loves to connect with your audience all-over the world and at any time of the day – this is perfect for you.

Stop frowning, and no, don’t close the browser. I’ll guide you step by step from “What is Periscope” to “How to use it”. I’m telling you, this is the best time to get on this newest social media platform that everyone is going crazy about! As they say, strike while the iron is hot.

Periscope Guide 1

What is Periscope?

Periscope is an app where you can broadcast anything with your followers wherever you are – live. It’s a real time TV platform where you can reach out to your audience any time as long as you have good internet connection.

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Ways to Sign in to Periscope

You can either sign in to Periscope via a Twitter account or with your mobile number. When you choose either of them, you get these options:

Periscope 21

Here are some of my Periscope Idols:

Mark Shaw of TagTribes: The one who inspired us to start Periscoping! He’s the Twitter and Periscope expert in the UK. He’s very big on Periscope, followed by 41,120 people across the world. He’s also on the Periscope leader-board, having received 2.5 million hearts (Periscope’s version of the “likes” on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income: Pat is a 32 year old business dude on the internet who is based on Southern Carolina. Pat’s work is more or less totally on-line and podcasting with his clients, so Periscope is a great fit for him and now he has over 20,000 followers.

Kimra Luna: One of our favorite online entrepreneurs, she keeps in touch with her almost 8,000 followers via Periscope, where Kimra shares business tips to everyone. She’s the founder of Freedom Hacker’s Mastermind group #Freedomhacking

Zach Spuckler: A periscope guru who broadcasts about how he maintains his on-line business with his over 7,000 followers. He started working on-line when he was 14 years old.

How to Navigate on Periscope?

Periscope has basic buttons that makes it very beginner friendly app.

Periscope Guide for Travel Bloggers

The small television is your home. Here, you can see the live broadcasts and latest broadcasts of people you are following. The globe stands for live broadcasts (publicly) around the world. The third icon, is to start broadcasting s. The last one is to see the list of your followers.

When you click the start broadcasting icon (a circle icon with red spot ), you will have these options:

Periscope 20

Why Bloggers should use it?

The whole point of blogging is to show your followers what you’re up to and inspire them to do it to. Periscope makes it a lot easier for them to pick up and follow you at any time during the day. It’s also another great way for you to show off tourist spots and explain why they should visit at that place, in essence turning you into a digital tour guide. Maybe you’re promoting a hotel or reviewing an exciting activity, so why not let your audience to see where you are and what you’re doing, live and in real life?! Then you know for a fact that if  they enjoy that, they’re going to follow up and read you articles about it later on! Giving advice and tips live also adds great value for your audience; they will feel more connected to you, questions will be entertained quickly, satisfying their curiosity.

Your broadcasts will be available on your Periscope account for 24 hours, so if your followers wanted to catch up later, it’s not a problem. My favorite part is, you don’t have to do any editing. No more time will be wasted sitting down and putting together the pieces of your video shots. In addition, your readers can write a comment and/or question while you’re streaming which is another mode of interaction between you and your audience.

What to (Peri)scope:

We all know that traveling is about almost everything. But on Periscope you have some idea of what to show to your  audience. A live stream of you sitting in front of the TV probably won’t be very interesting.

Why not take this chance to step up your Luxury Hotel Reviews, by taking your followers on a live tour around the hotel you are staying. Show your audience why they should choose this hotel and what makes it better than the rest. Sponsors will love this added value and will be even more interested in partnering with you.

A Hot Air Balloon experience – show off to your fans why a Hot Air Balloon ride in Turkey is an awesome experience. Or a sunrise by the beach or the dazzling fireworks display in Singapore. Maybe a boat trip in Maldives? Always remember though, protect your phone, or make sure it’s waterproof to begin with. We grew tired of replacing drowned and broken devices, so we stepped our game with a fully waterproof and shockproof Caterpillar Rugged Smartphone.

When to Periscope?

There’s no really specific time to start a Periscope especially if your fan base is all over the world. However, you can easily announce to your social media platforms about your upcoming Periscope so they can be ready when the Periscope is ready to go live. While you’re Periscoping, remember to keep asking your fans to get on-line and join you.

For Periscope replays:

Some of your fans can’t be there? No problem, because replays are available for 24 hours after broadcast. If they can catch your reply of the broadcast within 24 hours, ask them to do so, so they will still have chance to watch and give you those precious hearts!

Periscope 10

Travel Bloggers You Should Follow on Periscope

If you’re curious who among our favorite Travel Bloggers are on Periscope, here’s the list:

Kach and Jonathan:  –  With 1,000 Followers, a couple from the Philippines and the UK who are travelling the world together for 2 years now. On their way to achieving their goal of visiting all 7 continents in the world -Antarctica is their last one. (@2monkeystravel)

Ryazan Tristram – An UK based travel blogger of Two Monkeys Travel Group. A wanderer who love alll kind of travel – solo, with her husband or with friends.

Mary Charie – A World Citizen of Two Monkeys Travel Group who quit her job at the age of 21 to see the other side of the world.

JohnnyJet:  With Almost 5,000 Followers, a money saving expert traveler who visits 20 countries around the world per year.

Haute Travel Girl:  11 months ago, she left her job to travel the world. And now has her own throne on Instagram and Periscope.

Travel Dave: A traveler who has visited 86 out of 193 countries. He started traveling at the age of 15 – solo!

Jess of The Wanderlust Yogi: A mother of two adults who after successfully raising her son and daughter is now giving her wanderlust a chance!

Anita Wing Lee:   Anita is a life coach who was also bitten by the travel bug and is now spreading positivity and good vibes to her readers.

The Crowded Planet:  Margherita is the travel writer while Nick is the photographer. And now they share their travel to their fans not only via their website but also through Periscope.

Kerwin McKenzie:  Kerwin is not your average guy – he has traveled 108 Countries, been to 300 airports and flew with more than 80 Airlines.

Pretty, Wild World – A traveler who has huge interest; food, art and the story of the world. Currently based in Helsinki, Finland.

Racer Migs – the person who is a mortal by day and an artist by night. Now enjoying the beauty of Suriname.

A Traveling Toad:  Todd has been using Periscope since the launch of the app in March 2015. Since then, he has decided to focus his travel with the best companion he ever had – Periscope.

Travel with Kat – a Travel blogger and photographer who is also one of the founders of the Periscope for Travel Bloggers FB group.

If you’re a Travel blogger and on Periscope, feel free to message us so I can feature you here!

How to Promote Yourself on Periscope 

It could be a huge challenge to promote yourself to everyone on this brand new app if everyone’s asking “What the hell is Periscope?!” But there are actually plenty ways to promote your Periscope:

  • Tweet your Periscope

Periscope is owned by Twitter. Other than being easier to sign up to Periscope via Twitter, it is also the best way to promote yourself. With just a few clicks, you can tweet about your live broadcast, so you can let your followers know what adventures you are on, so they can be there with you too.

  • Ask your Viewers to take Screen shots (and share it)

Periscope 1

This is helpful, if they can take a screenshot and post a tweet or facebook status about it, you will easily can reach out to their followers and friends without too much work.

How Periscope Helped our blog – Two Monkeys Travel

Our readers are very glad every time we do a broadcast. They keep telling us that they felt connected and that it feels like we’re on the same adventures together. They even post screenshots of our Periscopes on their social media accounts. In that way, they voluntarily promote us to their friends or followers on their personal accounts.

Periscope 2

Periscope 3

Periscope Hot Tips:

  • Signing up to Periscope with your Twitter is a great way to attract audiences, as you only have to send a notification to your followers from Twitter whenever you are about to go live.
  • Follow other Periscopers, so you can see what they are up to and you can connect with other and your audiences.
  • Periscope broadcasts can be saved and will be available for the next 24 hours after you went live.
  • Swipe right to see who is watching you live, and swipe left to go back to see the comments.
  • Once you’re logged in, remember to turn on your camera, microphone and location. Most beginners struggle to do this and can’t find it right away.
  • Swipe down to see the “Stop” button; to stop broadcasting.
  • Make sure you have a sim-card with internet connection so that you can Periscope on the move.
  • Periscopers can easily save their broadcasts and upload them to their Youtube accounts.
  • Never ever Scope and Drive – Dangerous!
  • Give fellow Periscopers plenty of hearts and they will do the same.
  • Ask your readers to do a print screen while you Periscope to reach more people.

Periscope 7

Periscope 4

Periscope 8

Our readers say that they feel happier and more involved in our adventures. Now do you see what you’re missing out on? Sign up to Periscope now and take your connection with your readers to the next level!

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75 thoughts on “Periscope – A Beginners’ Guide for Travel Bloggers

  1. This is such a clear guide – thanks for sharing it. I’ve heard of Periscope but had no idea about its purpose or how it should be used alongside a blog. I’ll definitely set up an account now and check out what everyone is up to. Thanks!

  2. I have yet to truly try the app and this is super useful and thorough, how did all these people get so many followers? truly amazing. I am going to book mark this and try to use periscope on my next trip, thanks a lot!

  3. Wow it does look interesting, but too many social media apps to handle for me at the moment. 😀 (social media overdose)

    1. Hehe. Unlike other apps, Periscope might not consume a lot more of your time. If you have a trip, take some minutes for live interaction with your followers and you are all done. Your videos can still be stored pubicly in 24 hrs so others can catch up with a replay.

  4. Aha – so this is what Periscope is all about! I had seen it around on other people’s blogs but really was clueless as to what it was. This explains it 🙂 Thanks so much for the info. I am pretty slow with this kind of thing, haha, so it might take me a while to sign up!

  5. Great guide! We love Periscope and were right there when it started and Periscoped like mad in South Korea. Unfortunately we headed to the Philippines after and the connection just wasn’t good enough to keep our broadcasts going! This has inspired us to renew our Periscope frenzy and you’ve even mentioned some new faces in the travel Periscope world!

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