Packing for travelers simplified with Origami Unicorn

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The Problem

Ever wonder how you’ll pack all those individual toiletries, underwear, memory cards, camera equipment into your big single compartment luggage or backpack?  Before I started traveling I had the same struggles, then I quickly realized, a little organization goes a long way.  The TUO by Origami Unicorn addresses that.  Picking one or two simple container devices that can separate and make life easier on the road is paramount to traveling lite, and knowing what you have on hand, avoiding overpacking at all costs.  Airlines charge more for baggage, and if you’re backpacking, you don’t want to learn the over packing nightmare the hard way. 

Origami Unicorn TUO Front Back

The Solution

Though there are plenty of products and built in attachments to suit the nomad travelers organizational needs, one in particular delivered results for me that I couldn’t ignore, the “TUO” by Origami Unicorn

The Company

Origami Unicorn is a studio that specializes in the design of products that fill a need to make everyday life simpler.  Their product scope is narrow, and well and their not a super retailer that’s over extended. 

Product Overview

Upon First glance, the product seems like it’s a built in the luggage compartment or inclusive toiletry bag in your everyday suitcase.  However, it’s a feature intensive, sleek, lightweight, durable and well thought out design.  I firmly believe that simpler is better, a cluttered bag is a cluttered mind. 

I used the Origami Unicorn TUO for two different purposes already.  One for my underwear socks, toiletries and belts I’d need for a business meeting in the city, and the other for all my camera accessories and lenses for a several day shoots.  I was able to fit both in a light travel North Face backpack.

Oragami unicorn and multimedia Accessories
Origami unicorn and multimedia Accessories

What’s in the bag?

The Origami Unicorn TUO comes in different colors, but the features are the same.  Three high-quality zippered compartments, stacked vertically, made of water resistant nylon with mesh see through breathable pockets  Each of the top two pockets contain three elastic separators, a must for storing smaller items that may get lost in the bag.  I used them for smaller socks I use with low cut shoes, toiletries, and small camera accessories, e.g. memory cards, adaptors, etc. 

The package comes standard with two additional larger pouches for further storage customization, one of my personal favorites is the waterproof sealable pouch.

My thoughts

I enjoyed how you easy it is to fold up and carry like a tote bag, or hang from the crossbar in a shower, or coat rack. It’s a pet peeve of mine to put intimate travel items on public floors.  So that hanging straps are a game changer for me personally. 

I also like how the pockets are perfectly sized with the intent of being practical.  Realistically we all tend to overpack, returning home with unused socks, full bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and a disaster packing and unpacking between hotels.  The Origami Unicorn TUO encourages the traveler to plan, and be realistic about what to pack, offering some constraints in an overwhelming word of packing can allow you to chose only essential items, and avoid unnecessary travel weight. 

Origami Unicorn TUO
Origami Unicorn TUO

If you do any traveling in the tropics where rain is prevalent daily, or you’re a water sports enthusiast, then you’ll get your money worth out of the sleek waterproof pouch.  One last dip in the pool before leaving on the plane, or protecting your passport, cash or other documents from a rainstorm in the tropics makes this feature worth is weight in gold.  Considering having a waterproof packable container in your possession always.

Origami Unicorn Travel Inserts
Origami Unicorn Travel Inserts

Make the right packing choices

At the end of the day, Simpler is better, and to stay focused staying organized takes the subconscious mental stress off the table, allowing you to be more productive.  If you’re looking to pack light, and look good doing it, the TUO by Origami Unicorn is a must.  You can view the link to my youtube review as well where I’ll show you how I packed my TUO.

You can find all the details and purchase the Origami Unicorn Travel organizer, here.

Monkey Dividers

Note: This product review was made possible in partnership with Origami Unicorn, although all thoughts, ideas, and opinions are entirely my own.

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17 thoughts on “Packing for travelers simplified with Origami Unicorn

  1. Looks very handy! I have one like this but I think it’s smaller. Very useful indeed when travelling! A must have!

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