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5 Most Common Traveling Misconceptions

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor March 21st, 2022 Posted in Inspiration and Love Stories, Travel Blog 4 Comments

Travelling keeps the mind active and refreshes the soul. There is nothing more enjoyable than cracking up the nutshell that keeps us in the dark and dull side. Rediscover yourself and open up your wings. You’ll never know unless you try so don’t limit yourself to what is only in front of you.

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Most people take different opinions before making decisions. And travel, as a concept, gives off a loud shriek on the sub-conscious mind. If you’re not a travel enthusiast, a majority of the things that will enter your mind before you can even utter the word ‘vacation’ completely is that at the end of the day, it will surely leave your pockets empty and your body tired. When we listen to others ranting about negative things, we end up believing them and often get disheartened.

This is one thing that traveling can help us develop- our independence. This doesn’t only mean freedom from our parents, from work, or from other people who try to hinder us from doing what we want and need.

Traveling helps us become independent from prejudices and from caring too much about other people’s opinions. It helps us make our own decisions without needing much influence from other people and develop your own sense of individuality and style. You get to know yourself better, thus allowing you to choose what is best to do in every situation.

Now, before you listen and make up your mind believing biases about traveling, here are some things you should try to take a second look at. Remember to keep an open mind and do away with the prejudices for now. Here are the 5 most Common Traveling Misconceptions.

1. Travelling is expensive.

 Synonymous with the line Traveling is for the rich, this is one thing that hinders people even to think about going out of their work and just keeps doing the usual instead. If you think that traveling is a determination of your social status, well you’re wrong. It doesn’t have to be. Traveling on luxury is a completely different idea, and if that’s what traveling is all about, then there’d be fewer travelers in the world.

If you are really determined to see the world but you’re having a problem with your budget, then start small. Ride a jeepney and explore areas near your city that you haven’t been to. One purpose of travel is to keep you out of your routine. Explore every twist and turn and get back home with a new and fresh you.

2. Travelling has to be far.


Who said that? The Philippines is full of so many wonders. Sure as hell you know a lot of places worth going to just a few cities away from where you live. Everyone starts small and starts near. Everyone does. You don’t have to ride a plane to call yourself a traveler. Even going to a city near you is already an adventure. If it helps you rediscover yourself and feel renewed, it’s all worth it.

Hopefully, when you get to have more determination about what you really want, you can go miles farther, be it by planes, trains, boats, or even tuk-tuks.

3. Travelling is tiring.

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Of all the traveling misconceptions about traveling, this is one thing I can relate to a bit. However, I learned more than to complain. Yes, traveling might be tiring, but the exhaustion is temporary. Seeing beauty and wonders can wash all the tiredness away, and all you would think about is how beautiful and how awesome the world is.

This is why travelers seem happier, younger, more energetic, and more positive: because they see beauty everywhere they go and they take every endeavor as a challenge.

4. Travelling is a waste of time.

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I’ve heard people saying this lot of times. We understand that we all want to work harder, earn more, and save up for hopes of a better future. That is normal. Many times, though, we get so stuck in our routine that we end up using our energy and losing our vigor.

Yes, you do spend the time to travel; you lose the time you’re supposed to spend earning but if that’s what it takes to keep you sane, why not? At some point, we all get stuck in the corporate world, working like robots, all drained up like walking dead. Some time to unwind wouldn’t hurt if when you come back working, you’ll be more driven and more alive than ever.

5. Travelling is dangerous.

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Before setting out on a journey, we all know that risks are to be taken. However, what is life without compromising a bit of everything? People grow and learn by seeing the world in its entirety and not by sulking in one corner. We learn and feel contented by exploring our limits and widening our horizons.

Pre-cautions are there to keep you safe. Of course, when you travel, you don’t just do away with your safety. This is when we use our instincts. When you feel like you’re getting into some trouble, you go away from it or shift into a defensive mode. After all, no risk is worth to be taken at the expense of your life.

However, feeling the blood rush in your whole body is something that makes you feel braver and bolder. If you think you’re in good hands, face your fears and do what seems to be impossible. The only thing that keeps us from doing what we can is our lack of imagination and fear of not being able to succeed. Just know where you stand, and you will be just fine.

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Travelling keeps the mind active and refreshes the soul. There is nothing more enjoyable than cracking up the nutshell that keeps us in the dark and dull side. Rediscover yourself and open up your wings. You’ll never know unless you try so don’t limit yourself to what is only in front of you.

You might not be able to fly with your own wings but you will definitely be on top of the world and more importantly, on top of yourself. If you get to feel that, what more is there to stop you?

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4 thoughts on “5 Most Common Traveling Misconceptions

  1. Some great misconceptions set straight here guys. I particularly like #5! So often when I’ve travelled, the opposite has been confirmed i.e. that the world is actually quite safe and most people have beautiful, kind hearts. Travelling gives you an opportunity to see this in practice most days and also teaches you how to manage risk better as a result, so that you are able to navigate life more successfully and deduce which situations are truly dangerous and which are just your perception of fear holding you back.

    1. Hi! Thank you so much. These thing usually hold u back from seeing the world as a whole. These were also my problems before but now I know better. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Hi you fantastic inspirational people, when I arrived in Cannes for the film festival and camped down on the beach right next to the hotels where people were paying 2000$ a night to be safe and see the same view as me, I realised that traveling had nothing to do with money- the extra bonus about sleeping on a hot beach is that u get to meet the locals and so so many other wonderful people. Rich travelers pay to incubate themselves..how ridiculous is that?

    1. Hello Gerry, I super love that story and I want to know more about it! Would you like to share your experience?

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