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Traze App: How To Use The Contract Tracing Application in the Philippines

By Two Monkeys Travel - Contributor November 2nd, 2020 Posted in Guide for Filipinos, Travel App Reviews, Travel Blog 52 Comments

The Department of Transportation in the Philippines has launched a contact tracing application. Everyone who flies in and out of the country will need to have this. Here’s a guide on how to download and register in the Traze App.

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By November 28, 2020, all airport passengers must download and register here for contract tracing. This has made by the Philippine Ports Authority and Cosmotech Philippines Inc. It is currently used in 4 airports in the Philippines, and hopefully, on other transportation and establishments.

Downloading the Traze App

Traze App is available in these App Stores

  • Apple App Store – available for iOS13
  • Google Play Store
  • Samsung Galaxy Store 
  • Android Phone Users not on the list
  • For those not in the Philippines or it says “App is not available in your country,” – you can use this link
  • For those who are iOS users that can’t download it, try downloading a VPN and setting it in the Philippines
  • Those without a mobile phone, you can ask another family member to register for you (profile – register other people) or go to the nearest Malasakit Helpdesk

Traze App Contract Tracing Application in the Philippines 13

Registering in the Traze App

STEP 1: Open the app and click “Register.”

STEP 2: Choose which category you are in. I’ll be choosing “individual.”

STEP 3: Fill up the information asked as well as take your photo. Make sure the app can access your camera.

STEP 4: Submit it.

STEP 5: Enter the verification code.

STEP 6: It will say that your registration is complete.

STEP 7: Enter your username and password to activate your account.

Activating your Traze App

STEP 1: Log-in. Click “Traze Me.”

STEP 2: Enter the verification code. Make sure you have the internet.

STEP 3: Your activation will be complete.

Using the Traze App – Your QR Code

STEP 1: You will have your Traze ID available. To get your QR Code, click “Traze Me.”

STEP 2: Go to Preview.

STEP 3: Screenshot it. You can save it to your gallery and present it to the people asking for your Traze ID. You can also print this, for those who don’t have a mobile phone or think it hassle to do so.

As per Traze’s Facebook page:

  • The validity of “Traze Me” QR Code is only for 10 minutes as the code refreshes every time
  • Printed QR codes for family members will be valid for 3 days
  • From Malasakit or Traze Helpdesks, it will be valid for 999 days

Using the Traze App – Other’s QR Code

STEP 1: In case you are in another establishment, transportation, barangay, etc. You can scan their QR Code, click “Traze QR Code.”

STEP 2: Use your camera to scan their QR Code.

Traze App Contract Tracing Application in the Philippines 16

STEP 3: Their data will be successfully saved.

Traze Where You Have Been

As you will be scanning other QR codes, you will know where you have been. Click “Traze History.”

Traze App Contract Tracing Application in the Philippines 17

COVID-19 Notification

In case the establishment you’ve visited also has someone who has COVID-19, then you can see it on your notifications. Click “Notification.”

Traze App Contract Tracing Application in the Philippines 18

Hopefully, it says, “No record found.”

Traze App Contract Tracing Application in the Philippines 01

That’s it about the Traze App. It’s super useful because you won’t be writing on the contact forms anymore. The application is also good online or offline; plus, you can add your family members or neighbors who don’t have phones.

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52 thoughts on “Traze App: How To Use The Contract Tracing Application in the Philippines

  1. Hi good eve ask mgtravel po kasi family ko sa samar,ask ko lang kung ang trace app po na qr code na niregister namin eh my expiration,ngregister po kasi kami this feb lang dn and ang alis nmn po eh feb 19 2022,halos lahat po kmi na screen shot ung photo…

  2. hello,
    i cant activate my traze because i dont have a philippine mobile number. can i just use the malasakit helpdesk even if i have a mobile?

    can my daughter who is in the philippines register herself, then add me as a relative, send me the qr code (screenshot) ? Does it need to be printed? or i can use the screenshot from the phone?
    please help.

  3. Hello, anyone tried or was able to download the traze app in iphone 6? (ios 12.5.5 only)

    I cannot buy a new phone just for this app to work.

    This makes this app not so friendly for the users. 😔

  4. it says “can not create verification code”

    -connected to the net
    -sim number does not have load
    -email used is below 13 years old

  5. Hi Rudy
    I have the same problem.
    How did you sort yours out?
    I appreciate any help. Traze system not user friendly.

  6. Hi Lyza
    I have the issue about invalid username and pw. I followed your advised to register again but it doesnt work. The verification system of Traze using only username not good. Either by email or text should be considered. Other safe sited does this like Amazon. Its frustrating.

    1. I’m sorry for your experience, the app is not as old as amazon but was developed within covid times. I actually saved mine, so there’s no problem on my side.

      Again, have you tried registering again – using a different username?

  7. Hi how to generate new qr code for the family members i register under my account? 3 days validity lang kasi sabi, i need a new qr code for them thanks

  8. Good evening po pano po pag nakapag register na tapos diko ma log in ung traze up ko please help me namn po

  9. Hello panu po kung advance ginawa yung qr code traze up wed sya then the next week huebes ang byahe sinaved ko nlang sa gallery ko ung code valid padin po ba yun?kase di ako mkapagdownload ng app sa cp

  10. Hello good day po.Nag registerd na po akonsa traze app sa tuesday po flight namin ng 7am.di pa po baa expire? 3 days dw po kasi expiration ng pag registrd.sanay msagot po

  11. Hi Ma’am/Sir,
    Good day po!
    Patulong po tapos napo ako ng register sa trace apps. Di po ako maka log in di ko alam san ako nagkamali sa username or sa password. Kung forgetton Password at type ko ang username sabi tingnana ko sa email.
    Pero wala naman ako tanggap sa email.
    Pasuyo po pa assist.

  12. Problem to login, it says invalid usernàme or password, and when im registering it says that the usename already exist, can redo my registration and make a new one?? Pls help ASAP my flight is on april

  13. I downloaded Graz and it said I’m registered, and now when I try to login it says wrong username or password. I know its right because I write it down. Then when I click forgot password they. Never send me a email

  14. The airport personnel are the one who register me in the app thats why when i downloaded the app i cant open it because i dont know what username and password they used. Need help plsssss.

  15. Hi! My iphone6 cannot download the app since its not compatible with the ios I’m on. Im travelling alone. What to do?

    1. you can ask your friends or family to get one for you (via their phones) or get your QR at the help desk at the airport

  16. hello,how i can generate my QR CODE which expired dec 18 2020…ihave flight re schedule on dec 20 2020 .

  17. Hi, I have a Traze app and added my husband on it. He cant downloadxregister in traze on his phone. Now my husband will travel alone and will arrive in the airport. What qr code will i give him. Can he print my own qr code because i added him on my traze app?. Sorrry im just confused. TIA!

  18. Hi Lyza. Traze QR code generated has same day few minutes expiration date after generation. Will this same QR code be accepted at the airport upon arrival in 5 days from now ? Please help. I don’t have the phone contact of Traze PH. Thank you in advance.

    1. as per their page, it’s valid for 10 minutes as it refreshes. But printed QR codes are valid for only 3 days

  19. Hi good day!Pls.Help me how to recover my traze application i already registered but i can’t open it they appear invalid username or password.

  20. Hello Good day po,Plz can you help me how to register for traze app because I’m here in dubai I cannot register ….

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