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Travel the World For Free with TalkTalkBnB: Free Accommodation in Exchange for Conversation with your Hosts

A new social network that offers free accommodation in exchange for a conversation with your hosts.

These days, it is almost necessary to speak a second language but, as many adults can attest, learning a language in school isn’t enough. You need to practice it by using it regularly, which means having the opportunity to interact with native speakers. However, as we all know, traveling to a foreign country can be costly.”

Join TalkTalkBnb: a totally new, totally free collaborative platform that connects international travelers with hosts around the world who are looking to improve their language skills. This service solves the problem of cost in two ways: for the traveler, it means free lodging in a foreign country.

For the host, it means free language lessons with a native speaker – free “travel” from the comfort of their own home. In just six months of operation, TalkTalkBnb has over 15,000 registered users and 6,000 member profiles: hosts in 60 countries, and travelers offering around 60 different languages.

You can watch their video below:


Food and lodging in exchange for a service? YES PLEASE.

Based on the principle of bartering, the French start-up TalkTalkBnb offers an entirely free-to-use online community of Hosts and Travellers. Hosts offer free lodging, a home cooked meal, and often tours of the city. In return, travelers speak with their host in their native language throughout the stay, to help them improve.

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Between Couchsurfing and Airbnb

TalkTalkBnb slips subtly into the space between free-but-basic accommodation like Couchsurfing and pay-for-comfort Airbnb. Hubert Laurent, founder and CEO, explains: “With TalkTalkBnb, travelers don’t pay for their stay in cash, but by offering their host the opportunity to practice a language with a native speaker in an authentic and comfortable setting. It’s a win-win situation, a mutual cooperation on a totally altruistic basis.”

TalkTalkBnB - Back Flyer ENIn contrast to other forms of free accommodation, TalkTalkBnb is a true exchange; the traveler doesn’t feel like he’s disturbing his host and the host doesn’t feel like he’s giving something for nothing. When you look at the cost of traditional language courses, you realize no one’s losing out. What’s more,” says the website’s founder, “you’ll often find guests offering to prepare a typical national dish or introducing a local art, while hosts give them valuable tips about their destination. Different cultures have so much to share.

Monkey DividersWhy Become a TalkTalk TravellerTalkTalkBnB - Host Profile

  •  Meet Locals

Travelling is no longer about just going somewhere, taking pictures of famous monuments and then returning to a hotel room. Staying with locals enables you to experience a different culture from the inside. It is the best way to truly learn about a foreign culture. Cuisine, history, traditions, music- all for you, all free.

  • No Language Barrier

Sometimes problems arise when traveling, and when you add a language barrier, small problems can become significantly larger. Staying with locals means you have a lifeline and a safe space. Your host can help you communicate with other locals or navigate the city to solve your problem quickly.

  • Having your own private guide/greeter

Nobody knows a city better than someone who lives in it. Your host can be the best private guide to help you discover their city. Your host can show you the most unexpected places and tell you the best stories about them. If you are staying with someone who shares the same interests as you, he/she can show the city according to your interests: the best music venues, the best restaurant, a quiet hike or his/her favorite spot to see the sunset.

  • Traveling on a budget

While hotels, hostels or Airbnbs can be very expensive, staying with locals in their home is very cheap or totally free. They can offer you a couch or a room in exchange for sharing a cross-cultural experience with you.

Monkey DividersWhy Become a TalkTalk HostTalkTalkBnB Dinner with Host Family

  • Share your culture

Travelers are often very curious and don’t know much about how locals live: they’re looking to learn more about you and your culture. They will be happy to try new things and participate in many activities; it’s your chance to show them what makes your home so special.

  • Learn a language

Welcoming a native speaker into your home is the best way to expand your foreign language skills. You took French in high school but don’t remember much of it? Well, host a French traveler for a few days from time to time and you’ll see how quickly you improve your skills. It’s also a great occasion for your kids to meet foreign people and to enjoy a new language.

  • Travel from the comfort of your home

It is not always easy to travel. We can lack time or money … Hosting someone at home is an alternative to travel, as a different culture comes to you. You can travel from the comfort of your own home. Travelers carry with them their language, traditions, cooking rituals and even their local songs… If you welcome them, they will be honoured to share everything with you. Listen to them, close your eyes and away you go! 

TalkTalkBnB How to Use the PlatformA different kind of travel

In today’s society, people are starting to feel the need for a new way of consuming, moving and interacting. In response to that, the sharing economy is gaining ground. The travel industry is a real playground for innovations and alternatives; many travelers are ditching hotels to experience a more genuine trip by staying with locals. The travel revolution is happening now, and TalkTalkBnb is a part of it, without a doubt.

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Monkey DividersNote: This article is in collaboration with TalkTalkBnB app.

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5 thoughts on “Free Accommodation in Exchange for Conversation with TalkTalkBnB @ttbnbofficial

  1. If only it worked. It’s like Couchsurfing, people put themselves on it as offering accommodation just so they can travel themselves. Then people are always not home at the time you want, or for other reasons can’t accommodate (which is OK) but I’m finding myself having to put out over 70 requests every time I want to find someplace to stay. Because 69 of them will go unanswered. Even though I have a TEFL certificate and can also teach French. So much for the English language being “desired” in non-English-speaking countries or maybe it’s just a “Mexico” thing. Maybe it’s just that Mexico per se is impossible to find free accommodation in exchange for teaching English.

  2. This is super interesting. Speaking English in exchange for free housing, and on top of that meeting new people, it’s the perfect combination. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Brilliant app! I’ll surely use this for future trips outside the Philippines! 😀 Thanks for sharing Kach! Awesome article as always! Xoxo

  4. When I travel to other countries I always like to learn some new words, but having an opportunity to learn native language and to pay less my travel is really double useful. I will certainly try to organize my next travel with TalkTalkBnb. Thank you for this article.

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