Exploring Brussels For A Day with @VisitBrussels

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Exploring Brussels For A Day, as a stopover on our way to Budapest.

We had the 24 Hrs Brussels card from Visit Brussels, so if you are heading to Brussels, I recommend you to get one to enjoy the city with great discounts and entry to the museums, restaurants, and shops too. Here are the Attractions in Brussels that you must not miss!

Attractions in Brussels

Our Belgian experience was a mixture of excitement, adrenaline rush and keeping your poise at the same time. That feeling of excitement after you landed and you only have 5 hours to wander the around the city, oh! and bear in mind you’re  traveling with a stranger. Yes, a stranger!

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Brussels.

I met Ryazan through Two Monkeys travel forum and after few months of chatting, we’ve decided to travel in Europe. So Budapest it is! I met her the first time at Manchester airport.

I was not worried at all. The frequency of the emotion of excitement was too high for this Kaladkarin Adventure because we wanted to challenge ourselves and we are doing it on a budget. Ryazan found a  cheap flight to  Budapest, a  5-hour  stopover in Brussels, and  8 hours in Munich on the way back.

Our flight from Manchester was delayed for an hour. Convincing ourselves that it won’t be a problem and we would still have time to wander around Brussels. So this adventure has now become the Mission Impossible and the Amazing Race in Brussels.

Exploring Brussels For A Day
At the Place Royale

We arrived in Brussels and got the 15-minute train ride to the City (Bruxelles Central). We didn’t have a fixed itinerary for that day, as we thought we would see what we can do once we get there. We both wanted to see the Atomium, a building in Brussels originally constructed for Expo 58, the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair. So that’s one of the main highlights of our trip.

We got the tickets for the hop on hop off bus from VISIT BRUSSELS. As our sense of direction is rather inadequate, or shall I say we just didn’t have any set plan, it took us a good half an hour finding where to get the bus. We should have at least learned the basic local language of asking where’s where and what’s what. As we started off walking towards the bus stop for the sightseeing buses, we saw this red bus just turning around, I just had this adrenaline running through my veins, and I thought we cannot miss the bus this time, as we already have missed about three buses. With my tote bag on my shoulder, a very not-so-ideal attire for backpacking, and a wrong pair of shoes, I shouted at Ryazan, ” I’ll just run and stop the bus”, I  ran faster than the bus.

Exploring Brussels For A Day

We made it! Sat on the top deck of the bus, Ryazan setting up her gadgets for photos and videos, of course, we have to capture every moment. We thought we would be at the Atomium within 30 minutes, and then just catch another sightseeing bus back to Brussels Centraale. After 40 minutes of sitting up there and enjoying the view of the city, we’ve realized, oh dear! We’re on the wrong bus! Still, have that positive feeling, we stayed on the bus and got off at Central Station. Visiting the Atomium will be another reason to visit Brussels. Anyway, here are some snaps from that Bus Route:

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Atomium.

Exploring Brussels For A Day
Palais de Justice

Exploring Brussels For A Day

Exploring Brussels For A Day
European Commission

Exploring Brussels For A Day

Exploring Brussels For A Day
Exploring Brussels For A Day
Royal Palace of Brussels
Exploring Brussels For A Day
Place Royale

We still have about an hour and a half before we head back to the airport, we cannot leave Brussels without having those mouth-watering Belgian waffles and see the Manneken Pis.

Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Cinquantenaire and Manneken Pis.

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We walked for about 15 minutes passing through the Manneken Pis wall graffiti we knew we were heading towards the right place.

Exploring Brussels For A Day

There it is! Manneken Pis, the famous bronze sculpture, the two and a half feet tall statue of a little boy urinating, one of the main attractions in Brussels. During special occasions, Manneken Pis also dress up for it! Still pissing, though.

Exploring Brussels For A Day
Manneken Pis

Exploring Brussels For A Day

Opposite the Manneken Pis is the Godiva Chocolate store, we battled our way through inside the shop as the shop was full of tourists. Why not! After all this Belgian chocolate is to die for.

Exploring Brussels For A Day

Exploring Brussels For A Day

Exploring Brussels For A Day

The most awaited moment, the Belgian waffles! There are a lot of waffle shops near the Manneken Pis through to Grand Place. You can’t leave Brussels without trying their delicious waffles. I opted the most not-very-healthy one, a waffle topped with Nutella and dark chocolate, strawberry and banana, oh it was just delightful.

Exploring Brussels For A Day
Irresistible Belgian waffles

Exploring Brussels For A Day


Exploring Brussels For A DayAfter satisfying our cravings, we walked towards the Grand Place or Grote Markt. On our way there, we’ve seen the graffiti of TinTin, The famous character of the “Adventures of Tintin” a popular comic series here in Europe.


Exploring Brussels For A Day

Exploring Brussels For A Day
Of course, my obligatory solo picture!

So we walked further on, and we’ve come to see the grandeur Grand Place. Wow! would be the first word comes out your mouth. You will experience a real 360º of fantastic Flemish architecture with golden touches.

Exploring Brussels For A Day

Exploring Brussels For A Day

Exploring Brussels For A Day

Exploring Brussels For A Day

We only had about an hour left, we headed back to Brussels Centraal Station and got the train back to the airport, well, as usual, we had to do the ”amazing race” challenge, and we made it in the nick of time, phew! It was only an hour flight from Brussels to Budapest. So that’s our epic story of exploring Brussels for a day.

Here is our short video from our Brussels trip:


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30 thoughts on “Exploring Brussels For A Day with @VisitBrussels

  1. Wow, you certainly managed to fit a lot into 24 hours! Awesome tips for people who only have a short time there and obviously goes to show you can do a lot in little time. I really need to try some real Belgian waffles right now, they sound so tasty!

  2. Palace Royale looks lovely! I’ve been to Belgium but never Brussells. You’ve got to love Belgian chocolate!

  3. I love my time in Brussels it was my first solo travel destination. It was great fun. A day in the isnt enough to really enjoy the city!

  4. We love Brussels, it’s been far too long since we have been. I am now dreaming of the beautiful waffles! 🙂

  5. Loved this post! My mother-in-law was from there and have heard so many cool stories about the city. It’s changed a lot since she lived there especially with the Manneken Pis grafitti. We love Brussels to and so happy to see all your photo’s that brings us back there!

  6. Brussels is such a gorgeous city! I absolutely NEED to go visit it. I love the Tintin wall painting, he was my ultimate hero as a little girl (and my first crush hehe)

  7. So much to see in one day! We’re heading to Brussels at the end of June, will have to look out for these places!

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