Africa is second to Asia as being the biggest continent in the world. It is home to the longest river in the world which the Nile River and the largest desert in the world, the Sahara Desert. The most popular rivers in this continent are the Nile, Congo, and the Niger rivers. Most of Africa has a tropical climate. The southern and central part of the continent has a distinct savannah and tropical climates, while the northern part which contains the Sahara desert is dry and arid. Most African countries exhibit only a rainy and a dry season.


The customs and traditions of Africa is a reflection of the diverse and vibrant nature of its inhabitants. Each country has its own unique culture but all focuses of the concept of family and togetherness which is represented in their music, arts, and literature. Different regions in Africa have their own distinctive art and clothing. However, most depend on their religious beliefs and customs. Some are colorful and extravagant while others have a minimalistic approach. The religion of most of the African population is Christian.


Africa has an extensive air transportation network. However, do not be surprised is your flight gets delayed and canceled. Try to find a decent travel agent which offers low-cost flights with great add-ons. Some popular African airlines are South African Airways, Air Seychelles, Air Mauritius, and Ethiopian Airlines. Train travel is a great option whenever available because it is typically safer than traveling by road. Additionally, you can fully experience the awesome landscape of this amazing continent. Just be mindful of your things and do not forget to lock your carriage and windows. Taxis, buses, and rental cars are also another way to get around Africa.

Buses are a cheap option but are usually crowded and do not leave until all seats are filled. Airports, restaurants, and hotels can fetch a taxi for you. Companies like Marine Taxis in South Africa offer great service but are relatively more expensive compared to buses. Rental cars are an awesome choice for exploring locations outside cities.


Different parts of the continent have different flavors and food but most African cuisine consists of an assortment of meat, grain, local fruits, milk, curd, and vegetables. Arabic cuisine had influenced the food of North Africa while the coastal parts of the continent favor spicy food. North African cuisine if the most popular African cuisine in the United States. Couscous is probably the most famous northern African food in the world. Grilled meat is a favorite in South Africa which was influenced by European and Asian cuisine.


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