Civil Wedding Requirements – How to Get Married in the Philippines

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Getting married is one of the most exciting events in our lives. It is the day you can officially call the love of your life as your husband or wife. Though it feels like a finish line, it is also the beginning of married life together.

In the Philippines, to have a Civil wedding you need to pass marriage requirements to your Local Civil Registrar. It is perhaps easier and less costly than having a Church Wedding, where you need to schedule at a Church, have Baptism and Confirmation if you are not Catholic and a lot more.

Civil Wedding Requirements How to Get Married in the Philippines
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But nevertheless, on both occasions your marriage is legal. For the requirements also, if you are under 25 or married to a Foreign National then there are other requirements needed for your Civil Wedding.

Civil Wedding Requirements How to Get Married in the Philippines1
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This article will tackle how to get married in a Civil Wedding. 

Civil Wedding Requirements:

The Local Registrar Fees would be different for each city or municipality. Please have an original and keep photocopies for yourself. However, these are the common requirements for a civil wedding:

  • At least 2 valid IDs of the Couple during Personal Appearance
  • Certificate of Attendance in Pre-Marriage Counseling
  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of No Marriage
  • Marriage License Application Form
  • Barangay Certificate
  • Community Tax Certificate
  • 1×1 picture

Some requirements will be explained below. Please note that both parties must secure above list of requirements, but for the additional requirements, it is only required at a certain party with those conditions.

For example, if the female is 21 and the male is 26, then Parental consent is needed only by the girl. But if both are 21 then both parties need separate Parental Consent.

Additional Civil Wedding Requirements if 18-21 

  • Parental Consent 
  • Parent’s Personal Appearance

Additional Civil Wedding Requirements if 22-25 

  • Parental Advice
  • Personal Appearance or Written Advice

Additional Civil Wedding Requirements if Widowed

  • Death Certificate of the deceased spouse

Additional Civil Wedding Requirements if Annulled 

  • Certificate of Registration from Civil Registrar for registration of the Annulment Papers
  • Certificate of Finality of Annulment issued by the Court

Additional Civil Wedding Requirements if Foreign Applicant

  • Passport (bio-page)
  • Copy of stamp on your latest arrival in the Philippines
  • Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry (from the foreign embassy)
  • Divorce Decree (if divorced)
  • Death Certificate of deceased spouse (if widowed)
  • Naturalization Paper (if Naturalized)

Civil Wedding Requirements: What they are, How to get it?

Valid ID

Valid IDs are those that verify your identity. It should have your name, birth date, and signature.
Here are some examples:

  • Passport
  • Voter’s ID or Certificate of Registration
  • BIR (TIN ID)
  • Solo Parent ID
  • Company ID
  • School ID with current registration card
  • Senior Citizen ID
  • Postal ID

Certificate of Attendance in Pre-Marriage Counseling

Go to your Local Civil Registrar to ask the schedule for the Pre-Marriage Counseling. Both of you should attend this. Topics will be about the Philippine Family Law, Family Planning, and Filipino Culture or Customs. After your seminar or counseling, you will be issued a certificate. 

PSA Birth Certificate

Civil Wedding Requirements How to Get Married in the Philippines2

You can get a PSA Birth Certificate through Walk-in Application at any Serbilis Service Center, SM Business Center or Online. For a foreign national, please get your birth certificate in the country you are born at or through the embassy. It is better to secure this before going to the Philippines.

Certificate of No Marriage

As per the PSA Website, a CENOMAR states that the person is single (never been married) or unmarried (previously married but divorced or widowed.) You are not allowed to marry again to another person your status is “married” unless your marriage was annulled. If it is, the CENOMAR must state that you are “single.”

To get a CENOMAR is the same as getting a PSA Birth Certificate. However, we can discuss on how to get your CENOMAR online.

1. Go to this website.
Click “Click here to request now.”

How to get a PSA Birth Certificate1

2. Read the terms and conditions. Click “I Accept” if you agree.

How to Get Married in the Philippines

3. Type the contact delivery information form. Click “Next” after you are done.

How to Get Married in the Philippines1

4. Check the delivery details and confirm if they are correct.

5. Choose what type of document you would want.

Since we are getting a PSA CENOMAR, click the correct one.

How to Get Married in the Philippines2

6. Put your details and review it before clicking “Save.”

How to Get Married in the Philippines3

7. You can also add another CENOMAR for your future. However, the payment is still Php 430.00 for each CENOMAR.

Request also your Birth Certificate so you can receive everything once.

Click Submit if you are done and proceed with payment.

How to Get Married in the Philippines4

So for example, I’m Filipino while my fiance is a Foreigner – then I can get mine and his CENOMAR online and get a PSA Birth Certificate too. So I’ll be Paying Php 1,190.00 all in all.

1. Click Submit and proceed to payment. 

You can pay through the following options:

  • Credit card
  • Banco De Oro
    • BDO branches
    • Online Banking (BDO account holders only)
    • ATM (BDO account holders only)
  • UnionBank
    • UnionBank branches
    • Online Banking (UnionBank account holders only)
    • ATM (UnionBank account holders only)
  • Bayad Center
    CENOMAR costs Php 430.00 while Birth Certificate costs Php 330.00.

2. After payment, you can now wait for the delivery of your CENOMAR and Birth Certificates.
You will get them on:

  • Metro-Manila – 7-9 working days after payment
  • Other cities or provinces – 8-13 working days after payment
  • Other countries – 6-8 weeks after payments

Marriage License Application Form

Get the Marriage License Application for your Civil Wedding at the Local Civil Registrar of the place or city or municipality you are marrying at. Forms may vary from towns so it is better to get it there.

Barangay Certificate

A Barangay Certificate can state that you are living in the part of the town. You can go to the Barangay you are residing at and ask for a Barangay Certificate. Fees may vary per barangay. 

Community Tax Certificate

CTC or Cedula is issued after you pay community tax either the city or your barangay. Usually, you can get it at the Treasurer’s Office. Bring a Valid ID. Your payment will depend on your income – Php 5.00 (basic) + Php 1.00 for every Php 1,000 gross income. So if you declare Php 200,000 income for last year; then you will pay Php 205.00


Bring a 1×1 recent picture.

Parent’s Consent

You parents need to have an appearance of both parents and valid ID for their consent if you are aged 18-21 years old. However, if you don’t have one or both of them, you can get consent from the surviving parent or a legal guardian. If both can’t appear, then you need to have an Affidavit of Consent signed in front of two witnesses.

Why is this needed? Because sometimes when we are in love we can’t think right, just of each other, parents will give you great advice and a view if you are ready for marriage. Some also are forced into marriages like an 18-year-old to a 30-year-old, parents can protect their child by not giving consent

Parental Advice

You need to have Parental Advice if you are aged 22-25 years old. You can have your parents appear at the local registrar or have them write that they know you are marrying and any advice to your marriage. If they don’t like you to get married, you need a sworn statement stating that you informed your parents but they refused. If your parents agreed, you will have 10 days of waiting time, while if not 3 months of waiting for the Marriage License. 

Death Certificate of the deceased spouse

If you are a widow, get the Death Certificate of your deceased spouse. You can include it in your online application for CENOMAR or birth certificate as written above. You can also visit the Serbilis Service Center or SM Business Center. The process is like getting a PSA Birth Certificate, so you might want to follow that.

Annulment Papers

Get a Certificate of Registration for registration of the Annulment Papers and a Certificate of Finality of Annulment issued by the Court from Civil Registrar. It should have remarked on the judge or the court that issued the decree, including the case number, date of issue and that your marriage is annulled. 

Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry (for Foreigners)

Your Foreign Fiance needs to go to his Foreign Embassy or Consulate to get a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry. This will certify that there are no legal impediments on their marriage (e.g. the Foreigner is already married to another person in their country.) This should be in English.

Here’s a more extensive guide: How Foreign Nationals Can Get Married in the Philippines [Filipino and Foreigner Wedding Guide]

Divorce Decree 

If the Foreigner is divorced, a Divorce Decree is needed. It will state the final ruling of the court that indeed the marriage is terminated. Before coming to the Philippines, a Foreign National can get that in his country or where he/she held the previous marriage.

Death Certificate of the deceased spouse

If Foreign National is widowed, provide the Death Certificate of the spouse. Should the spouse died outside of the Philippines, s/he can bring it before coming to the Philippines.

Naturalization Paper

If the foreign national is a naturalized citizen of another country, s/he to present his/her Naturalization Papers. It is proof that the person has obtained citizenship via naturalization and that he is indeed considered a citizen of that country.

Civil Wedding Ceremony

Civil Wedding Requirements How to Get Married in the Philippines3
Photo by Jeongim Kwon

Here is what you need in order to be married in a Civil Wedding:

  • Marriage License
  • Solemnizing Officer
  • Civil Marriage Ceremony

Getting your Marriage License

After gathering the required documents, you can go to the Civil Registrar and pay the fee for your marriage license. You can get it after 10 days.

Why 10 days? It will be that waiting period as your marriage will be publicly posted to check if no one will be against your marriage. After the release of your marriage license, you can marry within 120 days.

Solemnizing Officer

As per the Family Code the one who can be solemnized by the following:

  • Incumbent member of the judiciary within the court’s jurisdiction;
  • Priest, rabbi, imam, or minister of any church or religious sect duly authorized by his church or religious sect and registered with the civil registrar general, acting within the limits of the written authority granted by his church or religious sect and provided that at least one of the contracting parties belongs to the solemnizing officer’s church or religious sect;
  • Ship captain or airplane chief only in the case mentioned in Article 31 of the Family Code;
  • A military commander of a unit to which a chaplain is assigned, in the absence of the latter, during a military operation, likewise only in the cases mentioned in Article 32 of the Family Code;
  • Consul-general, consul or vice-consul in the case provided in Article 10 of the Family Code.

Marriage Ceremony

  1. Book the public chambers of a judge or an open court, an office (e.g. Mayor or Consul General’s), church, chapel or temple.
  2. Bring at least 2 witnesses of legal age; the solemnizing officers, and of course the marrying parties. 
  3. Formal Marriage Ceremony by the solemnizing officer.
  4. The signing of the Marriage Contract.

Congratulations! After signing, you are now husband or wife! You may think it’s a lot of documents but they are a bit bearable if you are Filipinos. However, more is needed if one of you is either under 25 or a foreigner. Now, if you want hassle-free, then you might want to read How to get married in Hong Kong: Filipina and Foreigner.

Marriage is different than being a boyfriend-and-girlfriend. It is a level up version and there are times of ups and downs. However, no matter what you will always be bound together and learn what to do in conflicts. Also, you can start a happy family with kids or pets like cats. It’s not something easy to get out of, so you need to think deeply before getting into it. 

Being married is one of the best feelings in the world; sharing everything with the love of your life forever. I hope, like me, you find your true love, get married and have a happy blissful marriage!

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141 thoughts on “Civil Wedding Requirements – How to Get Married in the Philippines

  1. Hi, would you know po kung okay lang na proxy ang dumating as witnesses since di makakapunta yung original sponsors written in the contract due to pandemic? Will this be an issue or okay lang as long as you bring 2 legal age persons. Appreciate your feedback. Thanks po.

  2. Hello..may i ask,? Can we married in other city kahit hindi kami parihong residence sa city nayan? For examples pariho kami taga mindanao, then we wanted to get civil wedding in manila. It’s allowed or not? Please i need your answer..

  3. Hi. I hope you have knowledge in our dilemma.. Is it possible to secure another marriage license (ML) in other city hall, lets say in Manila, when you have already applied in QC? We have a correction (Religion) in the ML Application Form but it is unclear if correction/s will be allowed. The ML issued by QC Municipal is due for release at the end of September.

  4. Hi ! just want to ask paano po kung kasal na kami overseas then we are planning to get married ‘again’ sa pinas , parehas lang po ba ang mga requirements ? by the way my husband is a foreigner. Thanks po in advance sa sagot. ☺️☺️

  5. Hello!! What if we choose to have garden/beach or other outdoor wedding but still in CIVIL way. Are those on your lists still the requirements?? Thank you!!

  6. Hi! Your blog is so amazing! However is it possible to do a civil wedding ceremony in a church or chapel? Or is that not allowed? I live abroad po and uuwi lang sa pinas for a month and yung process ng church wedding I believe is extra longer. But we both want to have a simple church/chapel wedding (Sorry if this is a dumb question but thanks for your time!)

    1. Hello po, are you a Catholic po or a Christian? Kasi po, for if you want a church or chapel wedding you need to coordinate with the church and they have additional requirements po like Baptismal/Confirmation Certificate, Pre-cana, etc.

  7. Good day!
    Our merriage license expired last Febuary,2020. Then we would like to renew it. Can I have your advice on how we can procces it again and what are the requirements for this? Thank you.

    1. I think you’ll need to have to gather your requirements again, but, you can double-check with your local civil registrar

      1. I am certain marriage license definitely needs some reprocessing and rework. But how about the birth certificate, CENOMAR are they also requiring 6 mos. expiry of documents prior to the civil wedding date? We’re supposed to have a church wedding but rescheduled it and planning to have a civil wedding for now. I have extra copies and thinking if I can still use it.

  8. Hi Iam a filipina but recently I have received my citizenship here in spain

    I want to ask if my birth certificate , certificate of legal capacity to marry and other papers need to be translated in english?

    Thank you

  9. I am getting married with a foreign fiancé. What else does he needs for requirements? Incase they asked for it. We are planning all of this for December. Is it safe to get married on December? I hope the CoViD-19 will be gone. Thank you!

  10. When you get your legal capacity to marry does it have any expiration ? and also the cenomar does it expire? thank you in advance

  11. Thank you for this article! I was able to get my CENOMAR smoothly by following your guide. May I ask how much local CRO’s in Manila charge for a marriage license and ceremony? I have a friend who got married in Quezon City last year and paid P14,000. I’m not sure if the amount was for the license or the ceremony. I wonder if that’s a regular amount to shell out for civil marriages in Metro Manila?

    1. A marriage license might cost less than PHP 1,000, and the ceremony will depend on the fee of officiator. Probably the 14K was a civil wedding package.

        1. Usually, you will be the one processing your marriage license, then they will contact the officiant and do the paperwork after the ceremony.

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