How Can I Afford To Travel For The Next 3 to 6 Months

How Can I Afford To Travel For The Next 3 to 6 Months?

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Resignation done. What’s next? How can I afford and survive travelling for the next 3 to 6 months without any source of fixed income? It’s all because I practice the Law of Abundance and have been living frugally since 2012! I’ve decided to make this post since I only receive two reactions/questions from my friends and relatives about my frustration and traveling …

Budget Trip to Maldives

Budget Trip to Maldives – Daily Itinerary, Tips and Expenses Breakdown

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The Maldives has always had the reputation of a luxury, island paradise reserved for the wealthy and couples on honeymoon, spending about $1000 per/night.  Not anymore! Here’s our Budget Trip to Maldives. Check out some of the fresh and cheap tours you could do in Maldives. With changes to the law allowing locals to open guesthouses on private islands, there are …