The CAT S60 Rugged Phone: Mobile Handset with Integrated Thermal Imaging

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CAT S60 Rugged phone — The latest rugged phone of Caterpillar. The Two Monkeys Travel group has been invited again for the product launching of the most recent addition to the rugged phone collection of the Caterpillar built and developed by Bullitt Group.

The CAT S60 Rugged Phone:Mobile Handset with Integrated Thermal ImagingLike the CAT S60 rugged phone predecessor, this handset is an uplift with new enhanced features. I have tried to test the phone and its promised features to evaluate the durability and its functions.

The CAT S60 rugged phone:

This new enhanced rugged phone of the Caterpillar will give you a wow impression. With its responsive Android OS Marshmallow, 32GB ROM, 3GB RAM and the Snapdragon Octa-core processor will surely handle all your mobile apps. Living up to its Caterpillar heritage of ruggedness, this beast can withstand the extreme temperatures and harsh conditions. Another perfect travel companion on your next backpacking trip or once in a lifetime adventure. The phone also has a digital compass app and an SOS button that will send your coordinates in case of emergency. These features are handy on the road!

The CAT S60 has a dual sim card reader. An awesome feature to use one phone for your home country sim card and the foreign sim card. No need to bring two phones when you go for your short or long term adventure.

The CAT S60 Rugged Phone:Mobile Handset with Integrated Thermal ImagingThe new and first of its kind integrated thermal imaging camera is an amazing feature of this phone. I will explain more details below. You can check the full mobile phone specifications here.

The CAT S60 Rugged Phone:Mobile Handset with Integrated Thermal Imaging

The CAT S60 Rugged Phone:Mobile Handset with Integrated Thermal ImagingWhat’s in the pack:

the CAT S60 handset, phone manual, earphones, screen protector and plug adaptor.

The CAT S60 Rugged Phone:Mobile Handset with Integrated Thermal ImagingDurability:

Living to the Caterpillar heritage of durability, this new gadget has incredible capabilities. The phone can last up to an hour submerged in water up to 5 metres deep. Additional external switch on the top and bottom of the phone are provided to enable the 5 metres underwater capabilities. The audio will not work if the switch is on the 5 metres mode, who needs an underwater action camera when you have this super duper gadget!

The phone is IP68 (industry standard) dust proof and has a scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 4. So no matter where you are and whatever adventure you are into, this phone will surely withstand all the knocks, dust, shock and impact on the road.

There will be inevitable times that you will drop your phone, and this can happen anywhere and any time of the day. Especially if you are on the road, this is a nightmare!  The Caterpillar rugged phones are made to withstand the fall up to 1.8 metres. The phone is durable just in case you’ll drop it within this height range.  The phone is durable, not indestructible.

Battery Life:

Battery life is imperative if you are up and about travelling especially if you are in a far flung forest or beach. The CAT S60 rugged phone can last for 3 to 4 days without charging (depends on the usage). The battery capacity of the phone is 3800 mAh. If you are using your apps like maps, games and social media the battery can last up to 2 days without charging. Obviously, this would also vary on your mobile usage.

Camera & Audio:

As a blogger, the camera is very vital especially when I’m taking travel photos for my articles and social media posts. I took some photos using the S60 camera.  The camera is handy for daily use, but not for blogging and social media contents purposes. The back camera has an 8x zoom capabilities on a 13MP which can also be used as an underwater camera if used in the underwater mode. The front camera has a 5MP for better selfie photos.

I’ve used different camera setting including the standard frame and the zoom features. I did not use any editing software to enhance or alter the images below.

Here are the sample photos:

The CAT S60 Rugged Phone:Mobile Handset with Integrated Thermal Imaging
Indoor setting: Full frame on Auto mode

On 8x zoom-in feature of the S60 in an indoor setting.

The CAT S60 Rugged Phone:Mobile Handset with Integrated Thermal Imaging
Outdoor setting: Full frame
The CAT S60 Rugged Phone:Mobile Handset with Integrated Thermal Imaging
8x zoom in feature of the S60

The audio of the S60 has been a great improvement from its predecessor S40.  I am impressed with the S60’s current design that they have put the speakers on the phone surface so it can directly blast out the sound instead of being covered with the mouthpiece. I can now hear the sound of my phone even with the background noise.  Oh! The phone’s ringer will make you jump because it’s so loud.

The Thermal Imaging features:

The CAT S60 Rugged Phone:Mobile Handset with Integrated Thermal Imaging
Checking our BBQ!

The unique feature of the CAT S60 rugged phone is its latest thermal imaging camera.  I think this feature is very handy for the particular type of niche market. As for travel niche, the S60 is convenient outdoor activities e.g. camping, trekking, skiing or any adventure travel activities. The thermal imaging camera can let you see everything. Check out the photos below to know what I mean.

Monkey DividersTMTG Product verdict: 

TMTG Approved!  Yes, The S60 is an amazing Caterpillar Rugged phone is a massive upgrade from the previous CAT predecessors.  More responsive, durable and the fantastic new thermal imaging feature is handy for all the travellers.

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2 thoughts on “The CAT S60 Rugged Phone: Mobile Handset with Integrated Thermal Imaging

  1. The moment you take this phone out of the box you know that this isn’t a toy. Huge battery, good performance, first FLIR camera, decent screen, good performance. Only gripe is that it doesn’t have wireless charging. The port is waterproof but will it be after I open it 600 times? Time will tell

    1. This gadget is indeed durable and has a very responsive OS. Maybe on CAT next rugged phone they will include the wireless charging feature. 🙂

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