Blogger Inspiration Series: Nomadic Matt, #1 Travel Blogger in the World

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As you know, the Two Monkeys Travel Group was made with goals of informing the world on how to travel around the globe, and at the same time inspiring people to seize every day as they try to get out of their comfort zone! But even before we exist some amazing people have been doing it, and who have been sharing the same drive to travel the world- one of the best people we know is Nomadic Matt!

We’ve always wanted to find out who he was before he became this iconic inspiration to the world, how he made his way in making his blog vast, achieving his goals and inspiring people, and how lucky we are to get an online interview with him finally!

“It is possible to travel the world for 50 dollars a day.” – Matt

The statement probably makes you pause and think. Drown you in deep thoughts, and maybe you are now lost for words to say. Now you’re getting your paper and pen, turning on your computer and checking on your budget computation in your excel spreadsheet – trying to figure out if it’s possible. How can this be true? I must be kidding you! You don’t believe it, do you? But it is true! Nomadic Matt knows it because he has done it and is continuously living a nomadic life with the same 50 dollars a day budget on hand.

“You only ever see fancy resorts, hotels, expensive cruises, and tours advertised, right? Why is that? Because only big companies have large advertising. Small, mom and pop guesthouses and local tour operators don’t have the money to pay the fees big media demands, so they get ignored. But they exist, and they make travel possible for the majority of people (people like me and you) who don’t have thousands to spend on a week in Paris.

I know this because I’ve spent the last 6 and a half years traveling the world using them to make my trips affordable without sacrificing comfort. Traveling showed me that there was a lot more to travel than advertised and that there are a plethora of ways to travel on a budget of $50 USD per day (or less).”

Nomadic Matt - Bio

Our nomad initially went to school to become a history teacher. He was supposed to mold the young minds of the future, but he realized it wasn’t really for him, so he ended up changing careers. Nomadic Matt has been traveling the world since 2006. Growing up in Boston, he never thought of himself as a big traveler until he was 23. His first trip overseas was a tour to Costa Rica, and everything changed after that – he knew he was born to travel. Aside from blogging and writing books, Nomadic Matt enjoys reading, watching movies (all genres), cooking, politics, anything that has to do with the 1920s prohibition era in America, eating sushi and being with people.  As for music, he’s a huge fan of soul, Motown, blues, and jazz. He had also been to over 30 Dave Matthews Band concerts. You bet, he’s a super fan!


1. When did you start your blog? How did you do it?

I started my blog in April 2008 as a way to fund my travels. I wanted to be a travel writer, so the blog was originally just a way to going be an online resume. I never actually intended it to be anything more than a place where I could showcase my freelance writing work.

2. When and how did you first start earning money from your blog?

During the first few months, I wrote for Matador, Vagabondish, and Hotel Club and guest posted on a few other sites. I was building traffic and getting new readers.

I logged long, long, long hours in front of my computer (I think I still do) trying to gain exposure and readers. I kept at it, but I often felt I wasn’t getting anywhere.

Then one day someone offered me $100 USD to put a text link ad up. I took it. I needed the money. Then a few months later, I got more offers. Then more offers. By the end of 2008, I was making a steady $1,000 per month from my site via text links and Adsense.

But I moved away from that and started writing ebooks and focusing more on affiliate ads. It was about early 2010 when I started making good money.

3. Have you experienced having bashers/haters? How did you handle them?

The haters will always be there, but as long as the travelers are their learning, the haters can be ignored. As Taylor Swift says “shake it off.”  You are always going to have haters and can never please 100% of the people. I do my best, but life is too short to, care what haters think. Most online haters are just trolls who want to feel self-important.

4. Who’s your blogging inspiration- blogger, SEO, Marketer, etc.?

Concerning building of brand around himself, Tim Ferriss.

5. Why do you think Filipinos should follow Nomadic Matt?

I write for the global traveler.  Everyone can relate to my advice, because in the end, no matter which country we’re from, we all face the same prices when we try to go up the Eiffel Tower or order sushi in Japan!


1. I’ve read that your ultimate plan for 2015 is to go to the Philippines, why just now?

Never got around to it before. It’s a big, big world and I’m trying to get through it one country at a time!

Nomadic matt

2. Where do you want to go in the Philippines? What do you want to do?

I haven’t thought about it yet. I want to spend a month there so just get through as much as possible.

3. Any travel tips and advice to all newbie travelers?

Take it slow, and don’t plan too much. Have an idea of what you want to do and see, but try not to lock anything down until you have to.  I get that people want to see as much as possible when they travel, especially if you only travel once or twice a year but in travel, less is more so don’t rush it.

“I decided to travel after meeting five backpackers in a shared taxi while on vacation in Thailand. I was so amazed at what they were doing that the next day I decided to quit my job. They were two Australians, a Canadian, and a Belgium couple. They changed the course of my life and have no idea.”


Our Nomad has gained a lot of experiences and has learned a wider perspective which drove him to publish his very own book about his travels. He wrote the book “Travel The World on 50 dollars A Day” which was specially made to inform people that traveling doesn’t have to be expensive.

“If you’re thinking “Matt, I do want to travel more but $50 still seems like a lot of money.” don’t worry! Using the plethora of savings tips in this book, you’ll be able to lower your costs and spend less than $50 a day whether you are in Thailand, Japan, Australia, or France. Traveling the world on $50 a day is about philosophy as much as it is about a particular number. If you just focus on that number, you’ll miss the entire point of the book — which is to get you to travel cheaper, longer, and smarter.”

Nomadic Matt has always been an inspiration to us, and to the world. An ordinary aspiring teacher turned to be a world traveler and iconic inspiration never fails to amaze us!

People always ask “will I do this forever?” My answer: I don’t know. Forever is a long time. I’d like to travel for the next few years, but who can say what the future holds and where it will take us? For now, I’m enjoying the ride and see no reason to hang up my backpack just yet. – Nomadic Matt

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7 thoughts on “Blogger Inspiration Series: Nomadic Matt, #1 Travel Blogger in the World

  1. I’ve been reading and saving some of his blogs in my pocket app, this is the first time I saw his face haha!Wow!What an honor to interview Mr.Matt, Big inspiration!Thank you Sir for Dropping by at the Two Monkeys Travel Group, ahemmm…Some Bloggers give away Freebies, do you have any books … I mean… that looks like a nice Book to Read…LoL

      1. Oh okay, I’m not really a fan of books,but the Title seems interesting LoL, I better ask my friends about this or I’ll just wait for a contest or something !LOL

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