Travel Tips: Using AwardWallet App to Track Your Points and Miles

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Collecting points and miles from loyalty programs and exchanging them for free travel or upgrades to first/business class is fast becoming an essential part of the sophisticated traveler’s toolkit. Otherwise known as ‘travel hacking,’ the process involves collecting rewards points from credit cards, frequent flyer, and loyalty programs, and using them in exchange for free flights, hotel rooms, or upgrades to premium airline cabins and hotel suites. The more sophisticated your points and miles strategy becomes, the more essential it is to track all your loyalty programs and frequent flyer accounts. And the best service for tracking points and miles? The new website and app called, AwardWallet.

Using AwardWallet to Track Your Points and Miles

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What Is AwardWallet?

AwardWallet is a tool that tracks over 650 loyalty and rewards programs. Available on both iOS and Android as an app, and in your favorite browser as a web app, AwardWallet monitors loyalty programs and frequent flyer accounts, automatically tracking changes to account balances and notifying you when points and miles are due to expire. In addition to monitoring account activity, AwardWallet stores all your loyalty program account numbers, usernames, and passwords, allowing you to access every loyalty program from one secure online interface.

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New to Points and Miles and Unsure How it all Works?

One of the first steps in developing an effective points and miles strategy is a thorough assessment of your travel goals. Where do you want to go? Will you go alone, as a couple, a family? Do you live near an airport hub for any particular airline? Do you have a flexible travel window?

Why are these questions important? Their answers form the base of strategy to effectively earn points and miles while helping you decide which programs will have the most significant impact on achieving your travel goals.

For example, if you live in the continental U.S., and your travel goal is to take your family of four to Hawaii for a vacation. You can transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards® points, earned with a credit card like the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, to Korean Airlines SkyPass loyalty program, and redeem them for roundtrip flights on Delta Airlines from anywhere in the 48 contiguous states to Hawaii. That may sound a little convoluted, but this is a real example pulled from a post on the best points and miles to use for free flights to Hawaii.

AwardWallet runs a fantastic blog educating the points and miles community on different strategies for earning and redeeming points and miles. It’s full of useful resources, tips, and tricks to make your miles go further and earn free flights and hotel nights.

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How Does AwardWallet Work?

Getting down to the nuts and bolts of AwardWallet, how does it work? AwardWallet has two separate, but connected functions which we’ll cover separately below.

  • Track and monitor loyalty programs
  • Organise and display travel itineraries

Using AwardWallet to Track and Monitor Loyalty Programs and Frequent Flyer Accounts

Tracking more than 650 different loyalty programs all over the world, chances are if you are a member of a rewards program; AwardWallet tracks it. Credit card rewards, airline miles, hotel points, and car rental programs, amongst hundreds more. Accounts are grouped together by industry, and also track elite status, free nights, vouchers, bonuses, and promotions.

Using AwardWallet to Track Your Points and Miles

One of the best features from a user perspective is the one-click login to each account you have stored in AwardWallet — just click on the program name and it will open in a new tab logged into your account. For anyone with fewer than five loyalty accounts this feature may seem a little underwhelming, but when you take it above 10, 15, or 20 programs, it’s invaluable.

You’ll receive alerts when points post to your account, and also when points and miles are going to expire via email and on your phone (this is optional). And while AwardWallet automatically monitors all of your accounts, if you are waiting patiently for a big bonus to post and can’t bear the thought of waiting, there is also one-click auto-refresh of all your accounts from within the app.

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Using AwardWallet to Organize and Display Travel Itineraries

The Trips tab holds all your flights and hotel bookings. Itineraries auto-import by selecting the relevant loyalty program or entering the confirmation number from the booking reservation. Alternatively, you can forward your confirmations via email to, and your details will be automatically imported. You’ll also receive flight updates and itinerary changes for most major airlines.

Using AwardWallet to Track Your Points and Miles

Upcoming flights are displayed in chronological order, and each reservation will expand when clicked, showing the details of the flight or hotel reservation such as seat number, departure time, and flight or stay duration.

Using AwardWallet to Track Your Points and Miles

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How Safe is My Account Information and Passwords?

With features like two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption of all data, your information is safe with AwardWallet. For added protection, AwardWallet participates in a professional bounty program for hackers to highlight security issues. You also have the option of storing all account passwords locally on your computer. 

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Two Monkeys Travel Group Recommendation

AwardWallet is a must have app for travelers looking to track their loyalty points and miles. AwardWallet works in the background securely monitoring your points and miles, so you don’t have to, leaving you to get about the business of planning new experiences and exploring the world.

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24 thoughts on “Travel Tips: Using AwardWallet App to Track Your Points and Miles

  1. New to your blog, I’ve never heard of Award Wallet but it looks very helpful. I have some upcoming traveling to do and will consider using this app.

  2. I think I should get this app, so I could track rewards and points from my 8 cards, oh my hope i have free flights!

  3. I admit I’m too lazy to get into all that points & miles tracking travel hack. In Canada, we don’t have as many options as in the States though so I don’t feel it’s all that worth it. But, this is great advice and a very useful app for those who do enjoy collecting miles & points.

  4. I am so excited about this. I have vaguely heard of points but I didn’t know I could make them work for me like him have. Good job

  5. It sounds awesome. I will have to keep this in mind for sure. I don’t travel that much, but when I do, I could use something like this.

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