Philippines Immigration: Tips on How To Avoid Getting Offloaded

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You’ve done your research, you’ve booked your hotel, you’ve got your plane tickets—what’s next? PHILIPPINES IMMIGRATION! It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of traveling to new places, but there are things we have to keep in mind to ensure a smooth trip! We’ve created a list of the things you should remember in the immigration for a hassle-free travel experience.

One of the major considerations, when you’re flying or crossing from one country to another, is the immigration process and how to deal with the officer. Be confident. You’re not breaking any law by traveling to other countries. Here’s our list of tips and things to remember in the Immigration.

Tips and Things to Remember In the Immigration

We’re certain that you have loads of queries on your head when you’re going out of the country, especially when it’s your first time. So we gathered information from our fellow travelers in Two Monkeys Travel Forum for awesome tips in dealing with the immigration.

Here are some of the awesome immigration & airport tips that we got:

Check-in online

Tick one box off your to-do list and save yourself a lot of time by checking in online instead of waiting in line.

Come early

Don’t be late! Three to four hours before your flight is the safest, but arriving at the airport two hours before your scheduled flight is good enough.

Monitor the flight status boards

This is the first thing you should do when you arrive at the airport. It provides you with a more reliable expected time of arrival.

Wear comfy clothes

You’re going to be sitting on a plane for hours, so make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes and shoes.

Avoid jewelry

As much as possible, don’t wear them. You’ll be asked to remove all of them during security. Save yourself time, and just pack them

Follow luggage restrictions

If you don’t want to be charged extra, then simply comply with the luggage limit.

Make sure all your valuables are in your hand luggage

Don’t risk losing your phone, cameras, or any expensive things you have by putting them in your luggage. Keep it safe in hand.

Tag your bags

Just in case the airport loses your luggage—which we hope they don’t!—it’d be way easier to find them with your name and details on it.

Double-check your documents

Make sure to have your passport, visa, plane ticket, and other requirements ready. Place them together in a folder, envelope, or an accessible pocket of your bag. Keep them together so it’s easier to access them when needed.

Don’t panic at the Immigration

It’s natural to have the jitters or feel utterly defensive in front of the immigration officer. But unless you have some funny (by funny, we mean illegal) business going on, there’s no need to panic! All you need to do is answer the immigration officer’s questions honestly, and present documents, should he/she ask you to. It’ll be a breeze!

Don’t crack jokes with the Immigration Officer

It will just make it seem like you’re hiding something. Just relax, and answer their questions truthfully.

Don’t bring fruits

Agricultural produce is often not allowed in airports, and will only cost you hours of the inspection. Skip it.

No bomb jokes

Everybody knows that no one should be joking about bombs in an airport, but people still throw the b-word around. Don’t. Just don’t. It causes unnecessary panic, and, in some countries, it’s actually considered a criminal offense.

Go to your gate

It’s safest to come in early but should there be any new changes concerning your flight, this is where they usually announce it first.

Check the amenities near your gate

 If you do come early, that means you have time in your hands. It’s handy to know the restaurants or stores near your gate, where you can walk around and entertain yourself for a while.

Go window shopping

With your departure time in mind, go take a lot of walks. You’ll be sitting for a long time, so you might as well stretch and walk around while you can.

Check your first aid kit

Yes! You should always bring a first aid kit—nothing fancy, just the usual band aids and the medicine you take when you, say, have an allergy attack. This is often overlooked but it’s necessary to have your medicines with you, just in case. If you have prescribed meds, it’s best to bring the prescription.

Limit the liquid

Don’t drink too much water, especially when your departure time is nearing. Save yourself the hassle of always standing up and using the toilet every now and then while on the plane.

Charge your power banks

You’ll probably spend a lot of time listening to music and/or playing games on your phone. It’s best to make sure that all your power banks are fully charged so that you won’t have to worry about an empty battery.

Keep your information protected

When using the airport Wi-Fi, note that it is a public Wi-Fi. This means that you should limit the personal information that you share while using public Wi-Fi.

Refill empty bottles

You can save up by bringing empty bottles, and refilling it at the water fountains at the airport. Plus, staying hydrated actually helps you avoid jet lag.

Be nice

Don’t let the airport stress and the long queue get to you. Always be friendly and polite, especially to the airport crews.

Enjoy the airport

Explore amenities. Head to the bar for a drink. Talk to people. Watch people. You have time to spare so walk around but don’t stray too far from your gate. If you do, remember your way back to your gate.

Sync yourself

Match the time on your phone clock or wristwatch with the time in your destination before you board the plane. If it’s night time where you’re going, try sleeping during your flight to avoid jet lag.

Have fun!

Arriving at the airport is the start of your travel experience!

There you have it, so fret no more as these awesome tips are proven effective by our lovely members! Happy travels!

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104 thoughts on “Philippines Immigration: Tips on How To Avoid Getting Offloaded

  1. Hello po planning to travel sa malaysia po first time to travel abroad. Nagwowork po ako sa family business namin. Pwde ba na ang ipakita sa IO is yung business permit na nakapangalan sa grandmother ko? Please help po. TIA

    1. I have the same question. Hope anyone could answer. Also, what should I write for the “occupation” part on the departure card? Thank you!

  2. Hello po. First time traveller po and I’m still a student. I’m travelling with my friend and ano pong kailangan namin to avoid being offloaded

  3. Hi po Its my first time to travel outside Philippines i will travel to hong kong this November but my question is Kailangan ba may bank account? Or proof that you are a regular employed? And my bf book our hotel with his name Tapos sa hongkong lang Kami magkita. Is Its OK?

  4. hi good day… im travelling alone, solo traveller for hongkong for 10days. for vacation. just diy itenerary.. im a Filipino, male, 34 y.o., employed in private sector. i have a confirmed booking ticket with return flight and hotel reservation for my 10days stay.. what docs should i prepare for immigration? should i have large pocket money? or IO would ask for it? what should i prepare for I.O? thank you AND MORE POWER

  5. Hello! I am a British national flying from London to Manila and then on to Pagadian to visit my girlfriend and family. With reverse route 3 weeks later. Am I likely to encounter any possible difficulties at immigration or does this usually only apply to Filipinos travelling out of the Philippines? I went to Davao via Cebu last year with no problems. Many thanks

      1. You should both go through the “Foreigners” immigration lane together at the airport when you are leaving the Philippines, she should go to the immigration official first, you will be behind her if she needs any support.
        Hope she has a passport!

  6. Hi im going to go india for one month vacation before I go back my work abroad…do possible I can stay india in one month for just sight seeing meeting my friends and exploring the beautiful place of india…

  7. Hi! I will be traveling to Singapore to visit a friend. My concern is that I am working in a government office but as a contractual. I am aware that government employee should secure a travel authority from their respective office before traveling abroad but as a contractual it is not possible to have. However, I have been informed that the process of securing such document is quite tedious. Now, considering that I have to secure a COE from our office as one of the requirements, the problem is their suggesting that i should go as private not as gov. employee. Any suggestion po??

    1. Hi Maria, may I know what you did in your situation? I have the same case as you. Contractual govt employee din ako. I’m quite confused on what to declare.

  8. Hi po. March 07 po ung flight ko sa South Korea , korean embassy allow me 20days stay there. Nagbook na din ako ticket for 20days. Yung korean bf ko yung magshoshoulder lahat pagdating ko dun, employed ako for 2years. ano ano po ba mga need ko ipakita sa IO? TIA.

  9. Hi, hope anyone can help me. I will be travelling Myanmar Laos this coming October 2019. It’s my second time travelling abroad (first was US but it’s work related). I’m a bit nervous, I lost my passport (with US Visa – single entry lang naman) and I got new passport naman last year, does it matter ba sa IOs? or kung may bearing ba na ung passport na gagamitin ko is first time ko gagamitin paglabas ng bansa. I have my tickets na din, itinerary and hotel accommodation. What are the other things that I need to prepare. Need din ba na may laman ung bank account mo? If yes, how much dapat. Hope anyone can help me, it’ my first time kasi nagagala abroad and I’m travelling with friends.

  10. Hello ! I’am planning to go in Singapore Next month for 3days(Friday after work – Sunday) but the thing is i am still not a regular employee so i can’t get a vacation leave and also a documents that might need in immigration. what will be the alternate documents should be prepare in immigration ? And also, What will happen if i declare to IO that i will stay in my Friend’s house instead of staying at hotel ?

    Thank You !

  11. Ask ko lang po if you are going to travel first time in australia for 3 months with visa approved and return ticket pero unemployed ka na and you just recently resigned and kasama mo boyfriend mo, possible pa rin po ba maoffload ka?

    Thanks po sa sasagot


  12. Mag tra travel po ako next week sa Uzbekistan for a visit/ business visa . Meron akong LOI , returned flight tikets at hotel confirmation sa Tashkent . Ano -ano po ba ang mga hahanapin / kakailanganin sa Philippine immigration

  13. Ask ko lang po mga requirements kakailanganin / hahanapin ng immigration sa pilipinas to travel sa UZBEKISTAN for business trip/visa . Meron na akong LOI , Returned flight tikets , hotel booking confirmation

  14. Hi just wanna ask, I am planning to travel to 3 countries Indonesia , Malaysia and Singapore the thing is from here in Philippines ill be booking one-way flight to Indonesia and from Indonesia to Malaysia then to Singapore return flight to the Philippines is from Singapore na is it okay?

  15. Hi! It will be my first time to travel abroad this end of Nov, I will be going to Malaysia. I have everything planned out. I booked and paid hotel accommodation, attraction tickets,and of course return ticket.

    I am not yet working, and this is a graduation gift from my family.

    I am really worried ngayon palang kasi I read na IOs get a little bit more strict if unemployed? Please give me some advice. Thank you!

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