10 Travel Moments That Made Me

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Stories are always what a wanderer brings back home, if he/she ever goes home. These are the byproducts of spontaneous experiences that more often than not make a person, if not change him/her for the better, and that to me is the essence of the whole gamut of traveling.

Here are some remarkable travel moments – some hilarious, others daring, and few more are insanely unbelievable – that I would not know I am capable of doing had I not gone out there.

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1. Sharing a table with two strangers in a local Singaporean eatery and politely asked if I could possibly taste their food as it looked more scrumptious than mine. It did not matter if they did not say a single word. What’s more important was they shoved their plate towards me.
2. Sporting exactly the same outfit as that of my friends while moseying in the city of Kathmandu where one tourist wasn’t able to hold herself and remarked: “My sister will never dare to do that with me even if I will force her to death.”

Tres Marias

3. Having utterly rapt by the fascinating history of ancient Egypt in the capital’s museum, I did not notice that I lost my passport the whole time. Upon realizing, I went straight to the police booth and spotted the passport peeking right through the glass window. Imagine this: I was on my own and almost hysterical. The officers offered me a glass of water and a chair to calm me down.
4. Sharing a dorm-type hostel in Beijing with 4 other male travelers (gorgeous ones at that) who don’t unbelievably snore and I do! You know what I mean!
5. Attending a French regal wedding reception in a truly magical setting within Chateau de Santeny where a friend’s low alcohol tolerance almost put us all in trouble when she threw up in the chateau’s main entrance!

The Wedding

6. Trying hard not to doze off for 7 straight hours inside a mini-tourist bus in Vietnam as I did not want my seatmate to hear me snore (and I was very very sleepy then, ha!). It was beyond torture!
7. Trusting a complete stranger with my life as my friend and I hopped in his car and allowed him to take us where he wanted without any verbal agreement (nor written) because he doesn’t speak English and neither do we understand Armenian. It turned out, he led us to a picturesque lake in the middle of a forest with an exhilarating mountain view!

Haiko and the Lake

8. Sleeping in a bed that is literally plywood apart a communal toilet in a local lodge in the highlands of Nepal where any noise and smell that is emitted everytime someone uses it spreads to our room. There was no describing the stink and the frustration!
9. Having the time of my life riding on top of that jeepney enroute to Sagada from Bontoc braving the probable danger and the horrifying sight of the threatening cliffs, but relieved at the amazing vistas my country, the Philippines, has to offer.

Vantage seat

10. Expressing a countless oooo’s and ahhh’s when gallivanting in the streets of Patong in Phuket where identifying a straight female from a she-male was an impossible task. The latter are well-done it will never cross your mind that they were men in their previous life. Ha!

Now, your turn. Share to us your travel moments that helped make you a better person. I mean, who doesn’t want to hear an animated story-telling of some quirky real life adventures, right?

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6 thoughts on “10 Travel Moments That Made Me

  1. Great post. I really loved it. Here are a few of mine: getting charged by a rhinoceros in Nepal; having my butt saved by an injured NGO worker in Moscow; being taught how to hunt eels in the rice fields of northern Thailand.

  2. had fun reading this. wanted to share my unforgettable travelling experience just because i think it’s worth sharing…

    My friend and I camped on the Wall (The Great Wall of China) without a tent (because it’s illegal and we didn’t want to get caught). It was going great for a while. I was teaching my American friend the “Filipino way” of cutting a mango (I’m Cebuana…we are experts when it comes to mangoes!), we were taking selfies in our onesie with the Wall as our background. Then all of a sudden it rained! We were scared to death because we were on The Great Wall of China without a tent and nobody else knew we were there! The lightning kept on flashing and we were so sure that we’d get struck by lightning. Eventually we found a tower to hide in and we both lived to tell the tale! 😀

    1. Hello Icay! Never been to China!! I was imagining your experience while reading this, that was tough!! hahaha =) Awesome story, thank you for sharing!! =)

    2. Hello Icay, akong silingan from Cebu. Taga-Bohol manko 🙂 Excuse our “French” Kach and Jon, it always warms the heart everytime I meet someone who speaks the same dialect as mine.

      Which part of the Great Wall did you go? That was an amazing story indeed! The joy of traveling! I should try that the next time I go back to China 😉

      1. i know what you mean. I feel the same when I meet a Filipino especially Bisaya!

        I hiked Mutianyu but i didn’t pass through the entrance. A chinese guy showed us another way towards the un-restored part of the wall. We camped 1 tower away from the restored part so when it rained we ran towards the tower with all 4 walls and a roof intact.

        1. Oh wow! This really looks like a real adventure. I went to Mutianyu too but had to avail the package tour from the hostel as we ran out of time to do a DIY. How I wish I could have done the same. Safe travels and adventures in the future Icay!

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